Soil zoning map


The Soil Zone map shows variations in the soil structure of a field. It indicates the location and size of five distinctive soil zones within a plot.

This way you know where to take soil samples and you can easily determine how much soil herbicide or seed or planting material to use on a specific part of the field. The soil is often the underlying factor for deviations you see in cultivation. Alternatively, you can use the soil zone map to spread additional compost or manure or to do deep tillage.


Use of Soil Zone map helps:

  • Defining the best place for soil samples;
  • Quantify soil herbicide or seed/planting material;
  • When explaining abnormalities seen in cultivation;
  • Additional compost/solid manure spread or deep ploughing on a site-specific basis.

Soil Zone map rates

5 plots € 375,-
10 plots € 600,-
25 plots € 1250,-

Rates per 1st of May 2024. Excluding VAT.

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